Monday, December 17, 2007


It was a weird dream, i mean a nightmare,
one of the most horribles.
A wild animal (a tiger i guess) bite my left hand,
I used the knife that i was given at that moment to
decapitate the animal and save my hand. Yes i did it.
It was horrible.
I decapitated it as easy as slicing a butter cube.
i don't know whats going on,
Maybe this dream was the imaginary reflection of my
inner world and troubles.
I shouldn't take that animal killing action so seriously,
I am a peaceful man at the end,
I think i need to find out whats lying
behind that vision.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


its been over 3 months since my last mp3 player died!
now i hate all of 'em. I'm using a sony "sports" discman in these days, and im so satisfied with it. I'm still buying cd's and it is great to listen after 5 minutes you buy one. a few days ago, i was on the way to school, i wanted to listen "tuluyhan ugurlu" , i changed my way to taksim ada muzik, bought "beyazit'ta zaman" a great start to an Istanbul day. I walked to school listening the album. You cant make this with mp3 players. Oh i want to talk about the other cd i bought yesterday, its called "anadolu ninnileri" (anatolian lullabys). The lullabys of anatolia, starts with a lullaby recorded in 1938, perfect archive for me. Thanks to kalan music..