Friday, June 15, 2007

Just sketches

This one above is about nothing.
I mean it's not about any mood or something
I just wanted to draw a few characters and bring them together
like they were the characters of an existing cartoon.
As i said these are just normal sketches,
i mean they're not about my mood
(at least i think so)
I tried to stylize myself in the "chibi" style

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who cares anyway :) phew...

I'm not drawing for a few days
cos I'm stuck in a position that i cant move a muscle.
I've been sitting on a chair all day long without doing anything.
I don't have my wacom with me here, so i am breaking the rule this time and
posting a sketch i draw with a real pencil. Not digital.
this one shows my mood at the moment :)
Of course something really really nice happened,
but they're some kinda personal that i may save to myself :)
besides I'm not well enough to draw them now

take care, i will post new sketches as soon as i feel better

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

this weekend (last part)

Hmm and that music instrument thing :)
now there's a "ney" in my hands.
It is really very hard for me to even make it whistle now.
But as i heard i was pretty god for a beginner : )
i know this trouble will lead me to peace at the end :)

In this sketch, i distorted the anatomy. so it looks twisted i know.
i just tried some new blah blah

Actually i had a lot of things to draw for the previous weekend,
but things went bad ( i don't wanna write-draw them here)
and i lost my energy a little bit. so i wasted some of the weekend stories.
anyway , I'm thinking out loud again :)
see ya

this weekend (part 2)

yes! as i said I've been presented two books.
They are:
"Amak-i Hayal" of Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi
"Le Petite Prince (the little prince)" of Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

I would like to illustrate something bout the books but
haven't read the books so it could be meaningless
(i read the little prince when i was a kid and i don't remember anything)
i just remember that it was not a book for children, at least not for me in that times

Monday, June 11, 2007

this weekend (part 1)

i didn't have time for drawing for this weekend.
i visited some friends again. First day we sat on the grass by the sea
and drank some beer.
i will go on telling what i did in the night and in the following day also.
but now i'm really very tired n sleepless.
i could make a small sketch only.
tomorrow i will tel you more details,
i'm given 2 books (as gifts)
and a musical instrument for a while :)
see ya. gonna tel bout them later

Cem again

(who else can be?)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Walking in the rain and listening to Tori Amos.
This is one
great thing that i haven't been doing for nearly two years.

i did it yesterday.

Daylight: under the rain,
Night time: visiting some friends.
So, nice day it was : )

Hmm i think think i can draw a few more things.
Hmm we'll see anyway : )

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dun gece bir ruya gorduuum

Dun bi ruya gordum. Cizeym dedim ama bi tembellik mi desem rehavet mi desem oyle bi durum vardi uzerimde. Ben de anlatmaya karar verdim :) Cok ayip biliyorum, "yakismiyor ama olmadi boyle" dediginizi duyar gibiyim. Ama sadece duyar gibiyim; emin degilim o yuzden anlatiyorum. heheh.

Yunus gordum ruyamda. Yanimda bi arkadasimla deniz kenarindaydik. Arkadasim kim bilmiyorum ama ya Burcu ya Gözde, (ikisine de selam sabah burdan).Birden denizde bi Yunus baligi gorduk. Yunusun tepesindeki delikte strafor gibi bsy vardi, pis adamlar cop sıkıstırıp eziyet etmislerdi hayvana. ( evet yunuslarda da oyle bi delik vardir ) Yunus bize dogru yaklasinca hemen o copu cekip cikardim ordan, cok sevindigini anladik, iyice yaklasti bize. Sonra kucagima atladi :) ben de sevdim onu biraz, sonra derisi kurumasin diye tekrar denize biraktim. Yavasca uzaklasti. Birden az ilerde uc bes balikcinin ellerinde oltalariyla gicik gicik bana baktiklarini gordum. Sessiz, sinirli, sinsi, kiskanc bi ifade vardi yuzlerinde. Bana caktirmamaya calisarak oltalarini daha uzaga atmaya basladilar. Amaclari yunusu yakalamakti. Ben de cok sinirlendim ve tetikte beklemeye basladim. Son ana kadar yunusa yardim etmek icin tetikte bekledim oyle. Sonra ruya noldu bilmiom bu kadar bisey iste.

Bunu okuyanlar hicbisi kazanmadi. hatta "bu ne ya" filan dedi muhtemelen.
Ama bu benim blog'um di mi :)

bu seferlik boyle oldu idare edin.
ya da etmeyin siz bilrsiniz eheh

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


what are frends for :)

i know many people in my life, but only too a few i can call "a real friend".
Yesterday i met with one of that "real" friends.
its always surprising to see that we live the same-parallel things in the time
we don't see each other.
Yes we talked about our problems (about life-love-business)
and tried to help each other again.
This a sharing mood which i never would like to loose.
So this is an entry to my illustrated diary and a present for her too.
cheers for good friendship :)

(for other best friends: if you re reading this, don't be jealous. i will illustrate our share mood too. i promise)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

just another fast drawing

just another fast drawing

After a Perfect Day

After a perfect day

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

Even after you wake up

Whats a bad dream?
Its the one which makes you cry even
you are awake.

I woke up with a terrible dream this morning
then i saw the sun shining.
And i want to salute the morning now
with a quick sketch :)

The Knight is on his way.

The Knight is on his way.