Monday, June 11, 2007

this weekend (part 1)

i didn't have time for drawing for this weekend.
i visited some friends again. First day we sat on the grass by the sea
and drank some beer.
i will go on telling what i did in the night and in the following day also.
but now i'm really very tired n sleepless.
i could make a small sketch only.
tomorrow i will tel you more details,
i'm given 2 books (as gifts)
and a musical instrument for a while :)
see ya. gonna tel bout them later

Cem again

(who else can be?)


Burcu said...

not for a while, it's yours...


burcukız :)

Cem Güney Ceylan said...

olmas oyle ya :)
odunc aldim ben onu. bi de belki calamam ya :)
olmas olmas


Burcu said...

çalamazsan saklarsın canım benim, o sana çaldırır kendini :) sen merak etme..

karşılaşamıyoruz halimizi bak be..
akşam buralardayım heralde: )